Peter Hansen building online success

What's a Plasmechanica?

Plasmechanica is what happens when your online strategy results in success. It's the home of 360º of Integration™, the proven system for strategic online management. Combined with our secret sauce, Advantage Stacking™, we minimize risk and eliminate stumbles.

Most people online struggle to find their way. They have a vision of what they want, but the launch quickly stalls when it meets reality. It all seemed so easy listening to the glory stories. The fact is, success only comes when a bullet-proof strategy meets massive tactical action. Anything less is an unnecessary hazard.

Yes, I said, unnecessary. Don't waste any more time tinkering. Come on board and take full advantage of all Plasmechanica has to offer. Fast track your business dream!

But before you spend a nickel, let us prove what we can do. 

Make no mistake; if we're a good fit, I want to go to work for you. Your venture deserves to prosper, and your success becomes personal to me.

I want you as a client - but more than that, I want you to want to be a client. Before you hit the ORDER button, let me show you where this will go. Reach out, book time for a preliminary chat, and I'm confident I can show you an awesome path forward. There's a reason we met today; let's not miss out on this opportunity.

Let's work it out

Hi, I'm Peter Hansen

I established Plasmechanica Media Design Inc back in 2002 as a Canadian media design and production company, positioned at the forefront of a funky new thing called the Digital Revolution. As its founder, I'd been fortunate to experience multiple industries adopting technologies at a blinding pace. Funny how experience has a way of preparing us to provide uniquely specialized services.

It all seems kind of cute now, but at the time, that work on the leading edge contributed to the world as we now know it. Over the years, Plasmechanica morphed into a marketing and business development operation, with a specialization in emerging technologies and industrial education.

Plasmechanica lives at the intersection of human interaction and technology.

I've had a hand in advancing technology in telecommunications, the entertainment industry, and a host of government departments. I've piloted seminal post-secondary education programs and had the good fortune to travel the world representing Canadian industrial interests in technology and production.

There isn't anything you're experiencing in your business that I haven't seen or helped others overcome.

Is there something keeping you from jumping to the next level?

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